Friday, May 27, 2011

a whole new chapter....

Lately there has been so many awesome changes for my little family. Some expected some not so much. But, hey what's life without an adventure. It's been a little crazy but awesome at the same time.

Stephen was separated from the Air Force due to his Crones decease back in December and though it was a little crazy it really has worked out awesome for our life. We decided to move back to Arkansas where we had lived before. If anyone has ever gone back "home" and expected things to be exactly the same of how it was when you were there before, well then ya know it wasn't at all the same. For us it's actually been better.....

So we are back in our cozy little home that we love and our looking to doing some remodeling too, very exciting :) We also found a awesome church five min. from our house, totally love it. Little Edward is three now, can't believe it, he's starting sports and preschool this fall, totally crazy I know. Frances is doing amazing and growing like crazy, he's for sure our little rolly polly, lol.

Stephen and I are both in school full time, we're crazy I know but it's worth it. Stephen is getting a degree in Computer Systems/Business Management. I am getting a degree in the Science of Marketing. It's busy but fun. I am pursuing my photography business full throttle.

ok more to come..... I know I've been gone for a while but I'm committing to this blogging thing for sure lol..

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